Chapter Five – Conditionals and Logic


Chapter five explores conditionals and logic. It begins by introducing the relational operators. Relational operators, as you will see, evaluate to true or false. The chapter then discusses logical operators. Logical operators allow you to join multiple relational expressions together to form more complex expressions. The chapter then combines relational operators and logical operators for using them in conditional statements. The chapter ends by presenting simple recursion.

Chapter Slides
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Supplementary Videos

Both Udacity and LearningLad have excellent videos on the topics presented in chapter two. The Udacity videos are more explanation centered while LearningLad’s are more hands-on tutorials. You should watch both sets of videos.

Udacity Videos
  • A complete introduction to control flow logic presented by Udacity.
LearningLad’s videos
  • If/Else
  • Nested If/Else