I am a developer with a keen interest in philosophy, anthropology, and history. I have a couple of years of graduate work in anthropology under my belt, but never finished the degree. I have a Master of Science in Computer Science from Hood College in Frederick Maryland. I enjoy writing, learning, programming, and teaching.

The best way to learn is by sharing. Through this blog, I wish to share my experience and knowledge with others. I also wish to solidify my knowledge of different programming topics through writing about them. This blog has taken me in directions I never thought possible, for example, I am Developer Evangelist for DynamicPDF, and get to do everything from writing code using six different languages, recording and writing tutorials, writing documentation, and documenting REST APIs.

You can contact me at jamesabrannan@hushmail.com, but please, no spam.

Hopefully, you find this site useful.


I also work every Friday afternoon at the Seneca Creek Church’s Community Hope Center, primarily as the fruits and vegetable slinger, helping to provide essentials to those in need. If you wish to donate to someone, donate to them, I guarantee you that donations go directly to feeding those in need.